Company Name: Airspace
Industry Corporation of China
Address: Floor 18, No. 118 Connaught Road West, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong
Website: www.chinaairspace.com

Business Scope

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(1) Terminal baggage handling systems, security-check systems, boarding bridges, elevator units, high and low voltage systems, etc.

(2) Procurement of complete set of imported equipment such as airport control equipment, navigation equipment, communication equipment, meteorological equipment;

(3) Airfield lighting aid systems: lighting cables, constant current regulators, computer monitoring systems, lamps & illuminants, isolated transformers, airport guidance signs, high pole lamps, etc.

(4) Power supply & distribution systems: high and low voltage distribution systems, switch-boxes, wires, cables, etc.

(5) Airport special vehicles: portable water trucks, lavatory service vehicles, passenger boarding stair-cars, pushback tugs and tractors, cargo transporters, garbage disposal vehicles, air starters, etc.

(6) Central air conditioning systems: intelligent adaptive central air conditioning machine units, centrifugal and screw-type water cooling units, combined air conditioning units, fan coils, pump valves, etc.

(7) Environmental protection: the supply of water treatment equipment, garbage incineration, generation of electricity, installation and commissioning, production and manufacture. 

(8) Construction: housing construction projects, municipal utilities, conditions of engineering, electrical and mechanical equipment installation engineering, airport runway projects, highway pavement engineering.