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Industry Corporation of China
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Incorporated in 2012, Airspace Industry Corporation of China (AICC) is an integrated modern enterprise with its business ranging from airport equipment, aviation logistics, aircraft and aero-engine manufacturing to environmental technology, import and export trade. 

Airport Equipment: Since 2001, the Group has provided airport equipment for more than 180 airports. Main equipment include: communication system, navigation system, meteorological system, satellite earth station, radar system, complete sets of equipment in the terminal area, as well as ground facilities. The main airports that the Group is responsible for include: Beijing Capital Airport, Guangzhou Baiyun Airport, Shanghai Pudong Airport, Hongqiao Airport, Kunming New Airport, Chengdu Shuangliu Airport, Xi’an Xianyang Airport, Guangxi Nanning Airport and so on.

Aviation Logistics: Since 2009, based on the airport that it has equipped, the Group has planned for the international aviation logistics program with Hong Kong as headquarter. The Group plans to carry out logistics trade by utilizing its own logistics parks, logistics airports, self-manufactured airplanes, aviation logistics companies, cross-border business platform, logistics channels and airport network home and abroad. The Group plans to establish international aviation logistics hubs in the six domestic regions (Yangtze River Delta, Beibu Gulf, Northern China, Shandong Peninsula, northwest and Pearl River Delta) and four overseas regions (ASEAN, Africa, Dubai, Eastern Europe). By connecting the six domestic regions and four overseas regions, the Group is forming an international logistics network.  

Aircraft and aero-engine research and manufacturing: the research and manufacturing of aircraft and aero-engine is a major part in the development of the whole industry. The Group plans to establish aircraft and aero-engine manufacturing and assembly line; establish aircraft and aero-engine spare parts manufacturing line; establish aircraft and aero-engine research base; establish aircraft and aero-engine material production base. Since 2016, the Group has begun to establish the first aircraft manufacturing line and aero-engine manufacturing line. This new manufacturing base will be a comprehensive base with the largest scale, the most complete supporting facilities and the most advanced technology. 

Import & Export Trade: various professional equipment, special equipment, special product and material for the civil airport, aircraft manufacturing equipment.

Environmental Technology: large tonnage sewage treatment, industrial waste water treatment, waste incinerating and power station.