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CAAC: Smart Civil Aviation Started PlannedRoadMap Expected Issued this Year
Released:2021-10-11    Visitors:
"Smart civil aviation construction should adhere to independent innovation and self-reliance."Yin Shijun, chief engineer of CAAC, said at the 5th World Intelligence Conference recently that the "14th Five Year Plan" period is an important window period for the transformation and upgrading of domestic satellites, domestic large aircraft,Beidouand otherrelated technologies.Therefore, China's smart civil aviation construction should pay special attention to the use of domestic technology, form standards, export standards, and export technical equipment to lead the development of the industry.
Yin Shijun said that the construction of smart civil aviation is an important part of the construction of a multi field civil aviation power, an important task during the 14th Five Year Plan period and the fundamental path of high-quality development.At present, China has completed the leap from a large air transportation country to an air transportation power, and is in the stage of moving from a single transportation power to a multi domain civil aviation power.
Yin Shijun further pointed out that China's current top design on the construction of smart civil aviation needs to be further optimized. "This year, we will issue a report or road map and overall plan on the construction of smart civil aviation, which will have a more detailed description of smart civil aviation“
According to Yin Shijun, CAAC has started the construction of smart civil aviation, established a leading group for smart civil aviation construction on April 6th, and has convoked its first meeting.
"Smart civil aviation construction has become the main direction of high-quality development of the industry," Feng Zhenglin, director of CAAC, pointed out at the meeting.We should have a deep understanding of the important stage of China's civil aviation from a single air transportation power to a multi field civil aviation power in the next five years.Smart civil aviation construction is an important focus; It is the key stage for China's civil aviation to achieve high-quality development, and the construction of intelligent civil aviation is the fundamental path; It is the implementation stage of the 14th Five Year Plan for civil aviation development.The construction of smart civil aviation is an important task. We should accelerate the construction of smart civil aviation.
Smart civil aviation is a construction process that uses the latest achievements of a new round of scientific and technological revolution and industrial reform to analyze and integrate various key information and important element resources of civil aviation, and finally realize the digital processing, intelligent effect and intelligent support for the needs of industry safety, service and guarantee,it is the wide application and deep integration of new technologies such as artificial intelligence, Internet of things, cloud computing, mobile Internet and big data in the field of civil aviation.
Yin Shijun said that the essence of smart civil aviation is digital processing, intelligent response and intelligent support. Smart civil aviation is characterized by perceived interconnection, deep integration and interoperability sharing,"The scenario of smart civil aviation is considered from the perspective of operation, that is, smart travel, smart logistics, smart airport, smart air traffic control plus smart operation, and smart supervision."