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Seminar on Cooperation and Exchange of Airspace Industry Corporation of China (AICC) and ThyssenKrupp Airport Systems Co.Ltd(TKE)
Released:2023-08-25    Visitors:

On August 23rd, 2023, Mr. Yousheng Zhang, president of AICC, led the team to TKE to hold the cooperation and exchange seminar with Mr. Alvarez, Global President of TKE and his team, which is of great significance in promoting the friendly cooperation and determining the direction of future strategic cooperation between AICC and TKE.


Firstly, President Yousheng Zhang of AICC introduced the condition of domestic airports construction, and focused on the discussion of the project cooperation of the products of ACCEL and Multi.


President Yousheng Zhang is introducing the condition of domestic airports construction

Then, Mr. Alvarez, the global president of TKE, introduced the basic information of TKE. Mr. Alvarez has been working in TKE for 20 years, and has been responsible for escalator, ACCEL and other segments since 2020. TKE has more than 2,000 technical experts around the world with very professional technical staff and management team. TKE's berth guidance system is based on the acquisition and introduction of the technology of Sweden FMT company, developed into the more advanced 3D laser scanning ADGS of TKE now.

In addition, Mr. Alvarez gave an overview of the development of ACCEL's new linear motor, and said that he looked forward to maintaining the long-term, stable and friendly relationship with AICC.


President Alvarez is introducing TKE and productions

After that, president Yousheng Zhang put forward a proposal on how to efficiently introduce TKE's ACCEL and other new products to China, which is the products can be researched and developed, produced and sold in China. This proposal was highly recognized and supported by Mr. Alvarez, who indicated that TKE could send Spanish engineers to China to make detailed technical introduction and explanation, and provide customized products and services based on the understanding of the demand.

Finally, President Yousheng Zhang's team discussed and researched the competition and strategy of ACCEL and Multi in the Chinese market with President Avarez's team, which pointed out the direction for future cooperation.

This friendly and efficient negotiation not only deepens the mutual understanding between the two parties, promotes the sustainable development of cooperation and friendly relationship, but also provides a boost for future strategic cooperation. AICC has always been committed to bringing customers the best quality products and services. With the rapid development of science and technology, the company will continue to upgrade its existing products and launch new products to provide quality, safe and efficient services for the renovation, expansion and new construction of the airports, and to contribute to the sustainable development of the national economy.