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The 2021 Annual Leadership Debriefing Meeting Held in the Airspace Industry Corporation of China.
Released:2022-01-24    Visitors:

On January 24, the Airspace Industry Corporation of China held the 2021 Annual Leadership Debriefing Meeting in the group conference room, which was conducted in the form of a democratic life meeting. The group leaders, the President's Office, the heads of Departments and subsidiary companies attended the meeting. The meeting was hosted by the Group GM, Luo Qingping.

During the meeting, the leaders of the President's Office, the heads of departments and subsidiaries made presentations on the works carried out and the major problems in 2021 as well as the work plan for 2022. The attendees made comments on the reporters one by one accordingly.

President Zhang Yousheng put forward 3 requirements at the meeting: First, he hopes that everyone can cultivate a habit of serious thinking to make efficient use of strengths, to collaborate closely inside the whole group, between the group and its subsidiaries, between subsidiaries and subsidiaries, between cadres and employees as well as between employees and employees. The whole group will be divided into work but work in a unified manner. Each employee should have a strong sense of overall consciousness. He also pointed out that each cadre shall keep learning, try to make an example for the team with their self-cultivation. He hopes that the whole group can stick with a righteous attitude for a harmonious environment and a healthy and dynamic team. Every employee shall be passionate about his career, about the company so as to work together to implement each project with best efficiency to embrace the new year with a brand-new morale.