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Airspace Industry Corporation of China: Adjusting the Industrial Layout and Optimizing the Industrial Model (New Development Direction in 2022)
Released:2022-02-15    Visitors:

At the beginning of year 2022, in order to meet the new requirements of the civil aviation market and the company development, Zhang Yousheng, the Group President, actively adjusted the group strategic development direction according to the preliminary domestic and international market investigation. He proposed a new development direction of "2 divisions + 1 location" policy for the group, that is, to strengthen the performance of 2 companies (Jingjiu Construction and Lingling Technology), to establish a production base to transform the focus from a pure equipment-based business mode to the runway construction and airport service support, and to actively introduce international cutting-edge technology and equipment to achieve independent production.

From this year, the runway construction will become one of the main businesses of the group. The previous business mode of pure equipment-based production will be changed with the focus on cutting-edge imported equipment; the main services and supportive business of Lingling Technology will vigorously developed and gradually transformed as the core business of the company. It will be specialized in providing professional operation, maintenance and hosting services for imported equipment of the flight area, air traffic control area and terminal area. At the same time, the advanced international cutting-edge technology and products will be actively introduced in. The group plans to establish a manufacturing base in Shanghai in this year to promote the production of international cutting-edge products that have reached cooperation deals.

2021 is the opening year of the “14th Five-Year Plan” of China. According to the requirements of the “14th Five-Year Plan” for Civil Aviation Development, the Airspace Industry Corporation of China is actively adjusting its industrial layout, optimizing its industrial model to fit in the new development stage and implementing the new development direction for a better development, competitiveness, creativity and influence so as to expand the civil aviation market for future success.