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Emancipate the Mind and Unleash the Restrictions to General Aviation Administration to the Maximum
Released:2017-11-08    Visitors:

       From November 2nd to 3rd, 2017, the Conference on the Policy of General Aviation Maintenance was held in the Department of Flight Standard (DFS) under the Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC) for the purpose of fulfilling relevant requirements concerning the support to general aviation development required by the State Council, and implementing the core concept of power delegation, regulation strengthening and multi-level administration regarding the general aviation development. Li Jian, deputy director of CAAC, attended the conference and had an in-depth exchange of views with the delegates.

       32 delegates from CAAC, regional administrations, scientific institutes, universities and general aviation companies presented at the meeting, studied relevant policies and documents issued by the General Office of the State Council and the CAAC, discussed the eight measures released in recent days by the DFS, such as simplifying the deliberation procedure of flights, the inspection of the airworthiness of 91 operational aircrafts and the outline of the examination and approval. Besides, the delegates discussed other practical measures for further simplifying the regulatory procedure of general aviation maintenance.

       On May 17th, 2016, the Guiding Opinions of the General Office of the State Council on Promoting the Development of General Aviation Industry was issued officially in support of the development of general aviation, a strategically-emerging industry, bringing profound opportunities, Li said. The development of general aviation industry can not only unleash the consumption potential, drive up the national economic growth and meet people’s pursuit for a better life, but also play a strategic role in safeguarding the security of national aviation. In recent years, CAAC has carried out a series of policies to promote the general aviation development in hope of meeting the ever-increasing needs and breaking barriers within this industry. The government continues to uphold the high standard and strict requirement in the safety management of general aviation and stick to the pre-existed practice in the operation of air transportation. Efforts shall be made to further emancipate our minds, deepen the reform and be result-driven so as to avoid over-regulation in promoting the general aviation development.

       Li pointed out that the history of the American general aviation development had demonstrated that over-regulation would only restrict the growth. Therefore, we shall emancipate our minds and unleash the restrictions to general aviation administration to the utmost. In this case, we need to step up the simplification of general aviation administration, delegate more powers to suffice for the development of this industry, carry out a multi-level administration to general aviation and innovate the management mode to enhance the effectiveness. Moreover, efforts shall be made to supervise and motivate the enterprises in fulfilling their obligation to safety maintenance, give full play of the coordinated role of other social sectors, investigate and punish the acts in violation of regulations and establish a sound integrity evaluation system for the general aviation industry.

       At present, the promotion and reform of general aviation development have entered a critical stage. We must push forward the reform in an all-round manner, spare no efforts to break barriers, advance the in-depth reform, optimize the rules and regulations and formulate a series of systematic, comprehensive and coordinated policies so as to meet the development needs and bring the sense of gain to the enterprises, as Li believed.