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The 2021 Annual Summary Meeting Held in the Airspace Industry Corporation of China
Released:2022-01-25    Visitors:

On January 25, the Airspace Industry Corporation of China held the 2021 annual summary meeting in the group conference room. All group employees attended the meeting. The meeting was hosted by the Group GM, Luo Qingping.

At the meeting, Zhang Qiaohui, the Group Vice President, announced the company's business operation in 2021 and the operation target in 2022. Ren Cong, Deputy Director of the President's Office, Liu Xiaoran, representative of Topstar, and Yang Yifan, representative of Xinyuangang company, stated the completion of the tasks in 2021 and the work tasks in 2022 on behalf of the corporation and subsidiaries respectively.

President Zhang Yousheng highly recognized the hard work of all colleagues in the past year and said that in 2022, as long as we still work together, we can definitely exceed the target. For the follow-up work, Zhang put forward 4 requirements: First, to create a favorable working environment and strengthen our inner collaboration; second, he hopes that all employees can have a better sense of responsibility for their positions, and be sensitive for locating problems and solve them in a timely manner; third, to improve work efficiency, to pay more attention to work strategies, market changes, and professional abilities improvement; fourth, to have an overall consciousness for further development, to stay ambitious and united facing all the difficulties, while stay humble facing all the achievements.

In the end, on behalf of the group, Zhang paid a new year's greeting to all colleagues and their families.