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The 2022 Annual Work Conference Held in the Airspace Industry Corporation of China
Released:2022-02-15    Visitors:

On February 15, Airspace Industry Corporation of China held the 2022 Annual Work Conference in the group conference room. All group employees attended the meeting. The meeting was hosted by the Group GM, Luo Qingping.

At the meeting, Zhang Qiaohui, the Group Vice President, announced the latest personnel appointments, division of labor and system reform plan of the corporation. Ren Cong, Director of the Group President’s Office, Liang Xinhong, General Manager of Beijing Xinyuangang Airport Equipment Co., Ltd., Yang Yifan, General Manager of Beijing Topstar Import & Export Co., Ltd., Feng Mingyu, Deputy General Manager of Beijing Jingjiu Airport Construction Co., Ltd., Liu Xiaoran, General Manager of Beijing Lingling Technology Co., Ltd. and Zhao Pingyi, General Manager of Beijing Tianzhou Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd., on behalf of their affiliated companies, deployed the arrangement of 2022 work tasks and signed the 2022 annual task contract with the corporation respectively. Zhang Lijuan, Deputy Director of the President's Office, made a speech in response to the group’s opinions on the requirements of various systems and norms.






Zhang Yousheng, the Group President, recognized the speeches at the meeting and put forward the new direction of "2 divisions and 1 location" for the group development. In the new year, the group will actively adjust the industrial layout to ensure that it will outperform the 2022 target with the organizational structure of the company.

Zhang put forward 5 requirements to all colleagues: First, we should highly unify our ideological understanding, actively implement the projects and make every effort to complete the task indicators in 2022; Second, according to the latest situation, we should keep learning and improving the comprehensive quality to meet the market development requirements; Third, all cadres should take the lead and play an exemplary leading role; Fourth, the group should have an overall consciousness to better coordinate with each parties in different development stages; Fifth, we should always maintain the company's reputation and pay attention to our own professional abilities to present our customers with a quality impression.