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Cooperation Agreement Signed between Airspace Industry Corporation of China and NLB Corporation
Released:2018-08-01    Visitors:

       On the morning of August 1st, 2018, Airspace Industry Corporation of China (AICC) had a friendly meeting with NLB Corporation of United States in the conference room of AICC. The two sides reached consensus concerning way of cooperation, operation concept and others, finally signed the cooperation agreement.


       NLB Corporation takes the lead in the manufacture of high-pressure liquid blasting equipment, pumps, cleaning equipment and others, most of which have obtained the patent and become the industry standard. NLB not only boasts of the superior quality and innovative technology of products, but also the customized solutions, which make products sold all over the world.

       This cooperation is a new opportunity and a new attempt for both parties in applying NLB equipment to Chinese airports. AICC has long been committed to introducing high-quality products and new technology, besides, NLB is also willing to provide cost-effective equipment that caters to the demands of the Chinese market.


       In the future, both sides will continue to exchange views on technological innovation and product promotion, seeking localized solutions for products. In addition, NLB will provide technical guidance, personnel training, after-sales service and other professional support for Chinese users, ensuring to maximize the advantages and value of products.


       Through this cooperation, AICC hopes to bring new development opportunities to NLB in the field of Chinese aviation, meanwhile, to provide more equipment options for Chinese airports.