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AICC President Zhang Yousheng Leads a Delegation to Visit Honeywell Headquarters
Released:2018-02-28    Visitors:

       On February 27, 2018, President Zhang Yousheng led a five-member delegation to visit Honeywell's headquarters in Dubai. He had a friendly exchange of view with Honeywell's leaders which are in charge of market and technology, visited Honeywell Technology Experience Center and the state of operation of Honeywell Ground Guidance System at Dubai International Airport, UAE.


       Honeywell Marketing Director Mikhail Lysak and President Zhang Yousheng discussed in detail the introduction of A-SMGCS, VDGS, and the cooperation in the production of lighting equipment in the flight zone of the Honeywell Airport in China. The Director of Honeywell Products & Solutions - Raghu Seelamonthula expressed his opinions on the technical and commercial issues that we had cooperated in, and put forward many possible suggestions.


       Zhang Yousheng - President of Airspace Industry Corporation of China, expressed his hope to reach friendly and cooperative relationship with Honeywell, import Honeywell advanced products and technologies into China’s market and conduct extensive and in-depth cooperation in airport construction.