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AICC President Zhang Yousheng Invited to Meet with Ukrainian Ambassador to China Oleg Dyomin
Released:2017-05-18    Visitors:


    Invited by the Embassy of Ukraine to the People’s Republic of China, Zhang Yousheng, President of Airspace Industry Cooperation of China (AICC), had an amicable meeting with Ukrainian Ambassador to China Oleg Dyomin and Deputy Ukrainian Ambassador to China Viktor Tanasiichuk on May 17th.


      The two sides conducted a further discussion on specific solutions of implementing AICC’s cooperation projects with ANTONOV State Company (An-225 and An-178 cargo aircraft), Kharkiv State Aircraft Manufacturing Company (An-74 aircraft) and the Ivchenko-Progress Design Bureau (D-18T-3M, D-36, AI-28-10, AI-28-12 and other aeroengines). Meanwhile, the two parties clarified the next cooperative plan and project schedule.