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AICC and Tai’an Government Sign Cooperation Agreement on Aircraft and Airport Projects
Released:2017-05-16    Visitors:

      Airspace Industry Corporation of China (AICC) held an important ceremony at its conference room on May 7th, 2017 to sign an official cooperation agreement with the Tai’an Municipal People’s Government on aircraft and airport projects.


AICC President Zhang Yousheng and Zhan Baowei, Executive Vice Mayor of Tai’an Municipal People’s Government, sign an agreement

Zhan Baowei, Executive Vice Mayor of the Tai’an Municipal People’s Government, led a delegation to AICC and conducted thorough discussions with the company on the construction of Tai’an airport and aviation industry development.


                              AICC executives and the delegation of Tai’an government are in talks

According to Zhan, the two sides’cooperation speeds up Tai’an city’s economic development pace and drives forward the city’s international standing. Zhang said that the Tai’an government is an amicable partner. AICC will make use of its own industry advantages, high-quality expert team, rich experience in industry management, industry resources accumulated at home and abroad for many years, especially in such aspects as airport construction, aircraft manufacture and aviation operation, to conduct all-around cooperation with the government. At last, the two sides signed an official agreement on aircraft and airport projects amid the friendly talk atmosphere, establishing a long-term and friendly partnership.