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World’s Largest Transport Aircraft “An-225” to Be Manufactured at AICC’s Base
Released:2016-11-20    Visitors:

      The world's largest transport aircraft—ANTONOV An-225—will be manufactured at AICC's international aviation logistics industry base.  

      Airspace Industry Corporation of China has begun to work on its international logistics industry plan that takes Hong Kong as the general platform and Mainland China as the base since 2009, expecting to build six major international aviation logistics hubs, including logistics warehouses, airports, transport aircraft production sites, engine production sites and parts material production bases, in China’s Yangtze River Delta, Pearl River Delta, Beibu Gulf, Shandong Peninsula, northwest and north regions. The six major logistics hubs are aimed to connect the ASEAN, Africa, the Middle East and East Europe for global logistics trade. In 2017, six international aviation logistics flights from China to Kiev, Dubai and the ASEAN and other cities will be put into use. Building production lines for the “An-225” transport aircraft, airplane engines, parts and materials is an important part of the Group’s international aviation logistics industry plan. 

      ANTONOV and Airspace Industry Corporation of China have been viewing each other as their close partner. Oleksandr Kotsiuba, First Vice President of ANTONOV, recently revealed that assembling the second “An-225” and building the “An-225” aircraft production line and a parts material production site at AICC's base marks the first step of their long-term and friendly cooperation.