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Recruitment Announcement of AICC
Released:2021-10-09    Visitors:
Secretary of President 3 persons
Key Responsibilities:
1.President business documents drafting, processing, filing, keeping and foreign materials preparation;
2.Responsible for document transfer, receipt and management, record and write up the company meetings;
3.Deal with the president's daily administrative affairs, meetings, receptions, activities, etc;
4.Responsible for collecting and sorting out project information within the jurisdiction, timely summarize and report to the leadership, and convey the relevant business person in charge, maintain information equivalence with the business department;
5. Establish and improve project files within the jurisdiction, and cooperate with the Marketing Department to gradually form a systematic and scientific management mode;
6.Complete other temporary work assigned by superior.
1.Bachelor degree or above in Secretarial, business administration, journalism, English, Russian or related majors;
2.Proficient in office software;
3.Good writing, good at document writing;
4.Good image, good temperament, high comprehensive quality, familiar with business etiquette; Strong adaptability, organization and coordination ability;
5.Familiar with secretary business, with secretary certificate is preferred;
6.Preference is given to those who have a basic understanding of domestic and foreign civil aviation industry development;
7.Travel is available.
Marketing Specialist 5 persons
Key Responsibilities:
1. Responsible for contacting and maintaining customers;
2. Responsible for business negotiation and contract signing of equipment procurement;
3. Participate in bidding work;
4. Project execution and business development;
5. Communicate with customers regularly, accept opinions, deal with complaints, analyze the results, and organize the implementation of after-sales services;
6. Keep abreast of industry trends and relevant information, closely track market trends, timely communicate with relevant business departments, and support each other in project implementation and business work;
7. Other tasks assigned by superior.
1. Bachelor degree or above;
2. Able to devote oneself to business development and have a strong sense of looking for customers;
3. Proactive, responsible, able to work under great pressure and have strong team spirit;
4. Cheerful, quick response, strong communication and expression skills, strong learning ability;
5. Be able to travel on business;
6. Related work experience, bidding, project execution experience is preferred.
Technical Service Engineer 3 persons
Key Responsibilities:
1. Responsible for the domestic promotion of related security inspection equipment;
2. On-site installation guidance of equipment;
3. Responsible for the maintenance and repair of airport communication, navigation and monitoring equipment.
1. Bachelor degree or above, majored in electronic communication engineering or mechanical and electrical engineering or computer application technology, with 1 ~ 2 years working experience;
2. Familiar with computer principles and network knowledge, the use of Windows and other operating systems and network maintenance;
3. Good Command of English (both written and spoken);
4. Overseas training opportunities;
5. Excellent team work spirit, professional dedication, communication and coordination skills;
6. Experience in X or beta ray is preferred;
7. Good health, able to travel for work.
Weak Current Engineer 2 persons
Key Responsibilities:
1. Responsible for technical support and maintenance of strong and weak current in airport project construction;
2. Organize, coordinate and maintain the strong and weak current work in each link of project construction.
1. Bachelor degree or above, major in electrical, automation, mechanical and electrical engineering;
2. Cet-6;
3. Have relevant working experience in strong and weak current construction, management and maintenance of engineering projects;
4. Familiar with strong and weak current engineering project design, have solid strong and weak current professional knowledge;
5. Able to handle daily work independently, have strong adaptability, and be able to properly deal with various emergencies;
6. Electrician operation certificate and other related certificates are preferred;
7. Good health, no disease, no bad habits.
Drivers 2 persons
Key Responsibilities:
1. Responsible for car service of president and the president’s office;
2. Responsible for vehicle maintenance, repair and cleaning, and assist in handling insurance, claims and annual inspection of the company's vehicles;
3. Assisted the president in handling daily reception and entertainment affairs.
1. C degree or above driving license, more than 3 years of practical driving experience, skilled driving skills, familiar with local road conditions in Beijing;
2. Under 45 years old, ex-soldiers, non-smoker, no limitation on household registration, strong stability required;
3. No bad driving record, no serious accidents and traffic violations, no alcoholism and other bad habits;
4. With a strong sense of security, understand business etiquette, have a sense of service;
5. Live near the company or can accept accommodation in the company.
OA in Beijing: Floor 21, Block B, Runfengdeshang, No. 60, Anli Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing