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Industry Corporation of China
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No. Project Name  Project Content
1 6127 Airfield Pavement Project, Ground Treatment, Airport Enclosure  Pavement Project, Ground Treatment, Airport Enclosure
2 Biqeq Airport Pavement Project
3 Yanqing Airport Runway Reconstruction Project Pavement Project
4 Luzhou Lantian Airport Runway Repairing Project  Cleanup of Old Road Signs on Concrete Pavement Area of 55,000 Square Meters
5 Changsha Huanghua International Airport Expansion Project Tarmac Engineering Construction Pavement Projects (Including Foundation Engineering), Some Drainage Projects (Under Linking Taxiway) and Some Auxiliary Projects (Tarmac Service Lanes and Contiguous Enclosure Roads)
6 Inner Mongolia Xilinhot Airport Terminal and General Drawing Project  Terminal and General Drawing Project
7 Kunming New Airport Western Pilot Area Earth-rock Filling and Ground Treatment Pilot Project Original Ground Treatment Project
8 Yunnan Lijiang Airport Airfield Runway Pavement Consolidation by Grouting  Runway Pavement Consolidation by Grouting
9 Yunnan Province Diqing Xianggelila Airport Airfield Extension Engineering Construction General Contract Airport Road Project Auxiliary Projects such as Pavement Project, Earth-rock Engineering, Ground Treatment, Tour Field, Enclosure, Drainage
10 Kunming New Airport Test Section Original Ground Treatment and Earth-rock Engineering Construction T6 Section Original Ground Treatment and Earth-rock Company
11 Chengde Airport Project Pavement Project
12 Tangshan Airport Project  Pavement Project and Ground Treatment