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Arxan Yi'ershi Airport in Inner Mongolia
Released:2015-08-26    Visitors:

    Arxan Yi'ershi Airport is one of China Airspace Industry Group’s equipment and installation general contract airports, and bid-winning projects include the following system equipment and installation services:

1. Airfield Area:

1) Airfield lighting aid systems: lamps & lanterns, special cables, PAPI lights, CCR, monitoring systems and airport guidance signs, etc.

2) Navigation: ILS, DVOR/DME, middle maker, Non-Directional Beacon (NDB), etc.

3) Aviation control: voice record, automatic telegraph relay, UPS, etc.

4) Communication: access network system and stored program control (SPC) exchange;

5) Meteorology: automatic observation and conventional observation system;

2. Terminal:

1) Power supply systems: high & low voltage switch cabinets, power cables, UPS and voltage-stabilized supply, etc.

2) Low voltage & fire protection: flight display, video monitoring, departure, broadcast, cable television, access control, security-check information system, integrated wiring, fore protection, etc.

3) Outdoor electric lining engineering: power supply cables, streetlights, high-pole lamps, etc.  


The climate in Arxan Yi'ershi belongs to the continental monsoon climate in cold temperate zone, witnessing significant temperature changes in summer and winter, average temperature of 2.7 all year around, minimum temperature of -44.5, 171.5 days of snow cover on average, 32.6 days of snowstorm days on average, maximum snow depth of 45 cm, and the maximum depth of frozen ground of 312 cm all year around.