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Guizhou Liping Airport
Released:2015-08-26    Visitors:

      Guizhou Liping Airport is located in Gaotun Town, Liping County, Guizhou Province, contiguous to Hunan and Guangxi and 9 km away from Liping County in straight line, 20 km in highway mileage. With a total investment of 240 million RMB, it was built according the 4D-level operation standard.

Bid-winning projects:

1. Airfield area

1) airfield lighting aid systems: slope indicator lights, runway entrance/exit lights, runway sidelights, approach gliding lights, high-pole lamps, constant current dimmers, power cables, single conductor cables, gliding guidance signs, flight signposts, etc.

2) Power supply system: high-voltage switch cabinet, DC control display, low-voltage distribution display, diesel engine, busbars, power cables, etc.

3) Special vehicles: passenger boarding stair-cars, portable water vehicles, sweat vehicles, power vans, garbage disposal vehicles, cargo transporters, luggage trailers, etc.

2. Terminal

1) departure lounge low-voltage systems: flight information network service system, flight TV display, automatic broadcasting system, LED displays, stripped screen display, flight telegraph inquiry system, monitoring system, etc.

2) Luggage turntable

3) Security-check X-ray machine.