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Jiuzhai Huanglong Airport
Released:2015-08-26    Visitors:

Bid-winning projects include:

      1) high and low voltage distribution systems;

      2) ground special equipment: snow blowers, power vans, tractors and air starters, etc.

      3) Security-check equipment 

     Jiuzhai Huanglong Airport is the first plateau project since Airspace Industry Corporation of China was founded, as well as the first project that the company built with foreign government loans. By virtue of its strengthen, the company has successfully won the bidding in the international open competitive bidding. The annual average temperature of the airport at an altitude of 3,442 m is 5.9℃, with a maximum temperature of 21.8℃, minimum temperature -15.1℃, absolute maximum temperature 26.7℃ and absolute minimum temperature -28.3℃.