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Yushu Batang Airport
Released:2015-08-26    Visitors:

      Yushu Batang Airport is built at an altitude of about 4,000 m, while the navigation equipment are installed at an altitude of roughly 4,800 m. The annual maximum temperature there is 23.7, the annual minimum temperature is -40, and the maximum depth of frozen ground is 1.4 m. The climate there is low-temperature, windy, dry, anoxic, intense-radiation and frequent  thunderstorm and hail.

Bid-winning projects include:

1. Airfield area:

        1) lighting aid systems: flight signs, gliding guidance signs, airport wind scoop, constant current regulators, transfer switching equipment, lighting power and control cables, etc.

        2) navigation: ILS, DVOR/DME, maker, hot-air blower, etc.

      3) aviation control: VHF transceiver, piggy-back VHF transceiver, satellite earth station, interphone system, digital recording system, ATM, navigational intelligence dynamic system, anti-electrostatic floor, etc.

        4) Communication

      5) Meteorology: wind profile radar, conventional meteorological observation field, aerovane, barometer, weather information LAN, LTE, etc.

       6) Special vehicles: ac/dc power vans, air starters, portable water trucks, sewage disposal vehicles, oxygen filling vehicles, ice-melting vehicles, passenger boarding stair-cars, fire fighting and rescue trucks, heavy-duty foam fire trucks, midsize foam fire trucks, casting vehicles, etc.

2. Terminal

     1) luggage X-ray machine, checked baggage X-ray machine, luggage electronic scale, handheld detector, safety-check door and accessory equipment;

     2) Explosion-proof tank;

     3) Luggage handling system;

     4) baggage turntable;

3. Cargo area: cargo scanner, explosive material detector, electronic scale, etc.

4. Heat and water supply: boiler, hot-air system, hot-water system, water supply system, etc. 

5. Integral installation engineering.