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Ngari Gunsa Airport
Released:2015-08-26    Visitors:

      Ngari Prefecture lies in the Northern Tibetan Plateau at an average altitude of more than 4,500 m. It is hailed as “The Roof of the Roof of the World” and covers a vast area. Road transportation is the only mode of transportation in the remote region, which has bad passage conditions and short construction period (merely 5-6 months all year around). The atmospheric oxygen level there is about 50% of that at the sea level.

The bidding amount of Airspace Industry Corporation of China is 108 million RMB, with bid-winning projects including:

1. Airfield area

        1) high and low voltage distribution system, converting station, diesel engine;

        2) UPS;

      3) Ground special equipment: passenger boarding stair-cars, oxygen fueling vehicles, fire fighting vehicles, rescue vehicles, snow removal trucks,fueling vehicles;

2. Terminal

        1) elevator;

        2) Security-check equipment;

3. Others;

        1) boiler equipment;

        2) oxygen generation system.