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Daocheng Yading Airport
Released:2015-08-26    Visitors:

      Daocheng Yading Airport, located in Daocheng County, South of Garze Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture in Sichuan Province, is a civil airport at the highest altitude above sea level around the world. Its elevation level is 4,411 m, airfield area grade index is 4C, runway length is 4,200 m, terminal covers an area of 5,000 square meters.

The airport is being under construction.

Bid-winning projects:

1. Airfield area:

       1) Navigation: ILS/DME ancillary equipment, DVOR/DME ancillary equipment;

       2) Meteorology: automatic observation system, baroceptor, ceilometer, etc.

2. Terminal

       1) Luggage conveying equipment;

      2) Security-check equipment: portable baggage X-ray machine, bulky luggage X-ray machine, two-channel luggage security-check equipment, explosive material detector, safety-check door, handheld metal detector, explosion-proof tank;

       3) Aerobridge;

       4) Elevator and escalator;

       5) High and low voltage switch boxes, diesel generator, etc.

3. Cargo area equipment 

4. Counter, luggage trolley.