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Delingha Airport
Released:2015-08-26    Visitors:

      Delingha Airport is located in Delingha City, the capital of the Haixi Mongol and Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture in Qinghai Province.

      The airport is the fourth feeder-line airport in Qinghai for civil airplanes to take off and land, following Xining Airport, Golmud Airport and Yushu Airport. Situated in the southwest of Delingha City and southern bank of Bayin River, it is about 29 km away from the Delingha downtown in linear distance and at an altitude of roughly 2,860 m. China Airspace Industry Group has successfully carried out the general contract and installation project over the airport.

Bid-winning projects:

        1) Navigation project: navigation equipment and aerial systems such as heading device, gliding device, no-directional beacon and diastimeter, as well as monitoring system’s procurement, installation and debugging;

      2) Meteorologic projects: meteorological information network, automatic weather station, aerovane, ceilometer, forward-scattering visibility meter, weather phenomenon sensor, central data processor and terminal, emergency portable automatic weather station; teletype aerovane, humidometer, thermometer, ombrometer,Snow Machine;vibration cylinder barometer, acquisition and transmission system; small static meteorological satellite cloud picture ground receiving station, a set of satellite data broadcasting system CMACast, a set of meteorological radar terminal procurement, installation and debugging;

      3) Airport control projects: VHF communication system, interphone system, voice record system, civil airport data communication system, KU satellite communication system, civil airport unattended management system,navigational intelligence dynamic information system, HF communication system, UPS and other airport control equipment’s procurement, installation and debugging;

       4) Security-check systems: security-check X-ray machine, safety-check door, handheld metal detector, explosive material detector, etc.

       5) Luggage systems: departure system check-in transmission line and an acquisition and transmission line, baggage claim turntable, electronic system, control system, etc.

       6) Special vehicles and constant current regulators’ supply and installation.