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Guangxi Hechi Airport Construction Equipment General Contract and Procurement Project
Released:2015-08-26    Visitors:

      Guangxi Hechi Airport is built nearby the Jiantang Mountain in Jinchengjiang District, adjoining to the roadside way to the sea southwest. Built on the 3C standard, the airport has a 2,200-m runway and is a domestic feeder-line airport capable of meeting the rising and landing demand of such aircraft as Boeing 737. Its terminal area is designed to handle 150,000 passengers and the 800 tons of cargo annually. Airspace Industry Corporation of China takes responsible for the procurement of such equipment as security-check facilities, luggage processing systems, special vehicles, airport control, communication, navigation, meteorology, high and low voltage distribution boxes, generator units and sewage treatment, with the total bid-winning amount reaching 73 million RMB.