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Environmental Case

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Wuxiang Wastewater Treatment Plant Phase-I Project Pretreatment and After-treatment Equipment
Released:2015-08-26    Visitors:

Project Overview:

      Wuxiang Wastewater Treatment Plant Phase-I Project is located in Wuxiang New District, Nanning City and the fourth wastewater treatment plant under construction in Nanning. It is designed to take in sewage from Wuxiang New District and Yongning District, discharge treated water into Bachi River, and serve a drainage area of about 138.7 square kilometers. The phase-I project covers an area of 95.8 mu. The wastewater treatment plant’s treatment scale is 100,000 m3/d recently and 50,000 m3/d at the first phase. The project adopts inverted A/A/O process and secondary biological treatment. Main construction contents include inlet pump station, fine grille and vortex-type grit chamber, A/A/O biological reaction tank, distribution well and returned sludge pump room, secondary sedimentation tank, flowmeter well, sludge storage tank, blower room, UV disinfection zone, sludge dewatering room and auxiliary electric engineering, automatic control, mechanism devices and pipes, etc. The sewage treatment plant is an advanced and environmentally-friendly sewage treatment plant in Guangxi.

Effluent Standard:

      Main pollutants to be removed include BOD5, COD, SS, TP and TN. The effluent of this wastewater treatment plant conforms to the Discharge Standard of Pollutants for Municipal Wastewater Treatment Plant (GB18918-2002)-- first class level B discharge standard.

Treatment Process: 

Inverted A/A/O process